Single Clearance Window granted to the film shooting in Mumbai

The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation of Mumbai, Maharashtra has on 2nd November 2015 introduced a three-page draft application in order to provide simplified process of giving permission to shooting of films and TV serials on properties like Municipal roads, pavements, schools, gardens and crematoriums, which will also be now available online.

In order to obtain permission for shooting on municipal roads & footpaths the No Objection Certificate (“NoC”) of the Local Police Station, Traffic Police as well as Archaeological Survey of India was required however shooting in schools, garden and cemetery required only NoC of the Local Police Station. The civic body earlier did not have a fixed draft for giving shooting permission and filmmakers were made to apply to respective departments like roads and gardens depending upon the shooting location. In case of schools and crematoriums, permission was given by school authorities and health officials. However now all permissions will be given by the respective ward officers only.

As per the new process the approvals will now be given within 48 hours of applying. The civic body has also announced revised rates for films and TV serials shooting. According to the new rates, filmmakers will be charged Rs 8,000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand Only) for a single shift of 12 hours and there will be 50 % discount i.e. Rs 4,000/- (Rupees Four Thousand Only) for the shooting of Marathi films and TV serials.

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